Love, Nelson

by Nelson Devereaux

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Recorded in NE MPLS
Mixed by Nelson Devereaux and Max Devereaux
Mastered by Max Devereaux


released December 21, 2015

Recorded, written, and performed by Nelson Devereaux.



all rights reserved


Nelson Devereaux Minneapolis, Minnesota

Born in MKE.
Live in MPLS.


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Track Name: Chrome
Screaming on the balcony
Hollow, empty
Peer into the tunnel
Spiral for you mind
A river stares with blue tinted
Paper skies smash into a million pieces

Through the looking glass
Can only help me see
I'm moving like a statue
Rushing to stand still

Some wear on their sleeves
Their hearts
How bold
So moved
Your posture, your fashion
You'll never know me

Sleeping on the balcony
Twilights falling
Reaching for another
Comfort for you mind
Improvement twisting day to day
Please just listen
Untying all the knots you find
Undone is not undone.
Track Name: Tropical Vibes
You should feel it too
One of these days we'll make it
But we've been there all along
(Find this place together)

Place in dreams
Afford to wonder
Not the same as anything

If you would
Grant me this
This wish
Feelings where are you now?

Been there all along
Found that place together
Been there all along
Oh yeah!
Track Name: Nightwalk
The darkness falls
We wait for it
To turn us into night
So we can walk outside
Windows are burning bright
A place we know is different now
Take off but not too fast
Evolving in a summer's haze
We won't misbehave

On our Nightwalk
Studying the world we know
No one is around right now
Out into the night we go
On our Nightwalk
We walk

The feeling now is different
The brain is out to play
Games, a frightening thing
Gave us a break from it
To me the thought is wonderful
The evening split in half
Just before anything lines we'll trace
It's all falling into place

On our Nightwalk
Studying the world we know
Does it all make sense right now
Out into the night we go
On our Nightwallk
Hands free, baggage overboard
Do you feel alive right now?
Out into the night we go
On our Nightwalk
We walk

One foot in front of the other.
Track Name: Vicious Cycle
Here we are
Winter, Summer
I'll ghostwrite for you

Hope you find a way
We all find a way
I will find a way.
Track Name: See Another
See another
Face in the mirror
See another.
Track Name: Tricked By Love
Track Name: Classical Sea
Classical Sea
So long to the fountain

Shells break
I see
Out there.
Track Name: The Village and the Detail of Time
You eyes scan the treetops
We've been trading places
Ready for the next plan

I see it in your face and
Borrowed from your best friend
The answers are so splendid

Looking at the treetops
I've been waiting
I've been scanning
All the moonbeams they are falling
They are fast upon this wasteland
And this village
That we come from
With it's dreams and expectations

You are waiting
I am waiting
We are waiting
We are falling
We are fall...
Track Name: Love, Nelson